Warranty & Repairs


Beginning at the date of purchase, Wells equipment is warranted for the indicated periods and subject to the following conditions:

Limited, 1-year prorated*
  • New and rebuilt Wells Handpieces
  • Foot Controls
  • Super Quick Chucks
  • High Speed Spindles

1 Year
  • New Engine Unit Motors

5 Years
  • New Whisper Arms

All warranties and guarantees are void if the equipment has been oiled or subjected to tampering or abuse. Charges for services by others will be reimbursed unless previously authorized in writing.

*Prorated, for terms of all Wells warranties, means the following:
After 30 days from the date of purchase, one twelfth of the current rebuild price will be charged per month of use up to a maximum of twelve months plus shipping.

Return of Goods
No return authorization is needed. Please ship unused goods n the original packaging and enclose a copy of the invoice. Refund is subject to the condition of the goods, shipping and handling charges. Special orders are not returnable.


Factory Service

Our service department assures prompt repairs of all Wells products. We have a one to two day turnaround time which will get you back into production quickly. There is no return authorization necessary.

When we receive your equipment for repair it is thoroughly checked for worn or damaged parts. Wells equipment can always be rebuilt to factory specifications with a fully reinstated prorated warranty. Your equipment will come back to you just like new at a significant savings over buying new equipment.

Before you send your equipment in for repair:

1. Consult the technical bulletin or user’s manual that came with your equipment. Problems are often solved by simple maintenance procedures. All technical bulletins and user manuals can be found on the product’s webpage. Look for the link that says “Bulletins & Manuals.”

2. Call our toll-free number 800-233-0521 and ask for technical support. Our experience may save you extra work and delay.

3. If the equipment needs service beyond your means, ship it directly to us and we will be happy to repair and return it. No return authorization is necessary. We encourage you to send Wells equipment directly to us.

4. UPS is the only delivery company that comes to our location daily. USPS is another alternative. Other major carriers do not deliver to our rural location. To avoid delays, please ship UPS to our street address. If you prefer to use the postal service, please mail to our post office box.

5. Ship only Wells products to us with your name, company name, UPS deliverable shipping address (no PO boxes) and phone number, along with a brief description of the problem and any special instructions. In order to keep our turnaround quick we will not call you with an estimate unles you specifically ask for one in writing. Maximum repair prices are listed on our Repair Price Sheet and are well under the cost of new equipment. Estimates will take an additional one to two days. If you do not have an account with us, your items will be shipped back to you via UPS ground COD. If you would like to avoid COD charges, we encourage you to include your credit card number and expiration date with your order.

Equipment Exchange

If you cannot be without your equipment for the one or two days it takes us to repair your item, our exchange service is available. We can send you a rebuilt item wtih the understanding that you will return your old item to us. Enclosed with the packing list on the top of the box you will find a UPS prepaid RS (return service) label. Simply enclose your old equipment in the same box and affix the prepaid return label. You can give the package to any UPS driver and the package will be returned to us. The equipment exchanged will be invoiced at full retail price which serves as a deposit. Upon receipt of your old item, appropriate credit will be issued for the difference between the retail price and the exchange price. No credit will be issued for exchanges not returned within 30 days of invoice date.


We offer a trade-in service for equipment from other manufacturers. If you would like to update to a Wells High Speed Spindle, a Wells Super Quick Chuck, or a Wells Handpiece and/or Arm, we offer a discount on new equipment.